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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pass by Trang, Stop at Smile Bakery Cafe

A yearly bike trip to Phuket and we've decided to stay a night at Trang for this round. Making a stop to rest and to relax is definitely a good idea that we don't get too tired along the 650km. We've agreed that not to go for the freaky and dirty hotels again and here we've found the Thumrin Hotel at the center of Trang. As near as possible, Attila and I have decided to try out the Smile Bakery Cafe that is located at the ground floor of the hotel.

Let's share the Deep Fried Crispy Pork and Chicken with Green Curry! We're totally drowned in the tastiness of the thinly sliced pork that is salty and crispy. It's not oily and this is definitely the most perfect dish to go with cold beer. I've totally crazed about the crispy pork that has been further enhanced with the nice aroma of the curry leaves and the spiciness of the dried chili. By the way, they're edible! The green curry is creamy and it's indeed too extreme with its spiciness. It's a must to eat the green curry with white rice as it's really a fire-burning taste especially for Attila. We do like the taste of the green curry but it'll be great if they can use boneless meat instead.

Eating while we're chatting, we've indeed creating some damages by increasing the bottles of beer. The quantity is just sufficient to give all of us a nice sleep.

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