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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

SandWHICH is Sandwich

Recommended by a colleague that we should try out SandWHICH as we're all sandwich lovers. It's located at i-Avenue and this is another place that is selling healthy sandwich in town. Starting from the vegetable with varieties in colour, egg with Omega-3 to the Salmon fish and pork that are prepared without frying, they're talking about less cholesterol or low fat.

They've 6 standard sandwich menu that consists of Prime Porker Ciabatta, Wholesome Porker, Chicken Fiesta Puff, Tuna Salad Croissant, Fruity Slim Deluxe and Ranch Egg Club. They're providing plenty of breads that include the squarish white bread, croissant, sesame bun to the Ciabatta that you can go in meaty or just be a vegetarian. Anyway, you can also 'CREATE YOUR OWN WISH' by mixing and matching the ingredients by yourself. Attila and I have decided to make our own sandwich by asking for pork slices and egg. Both of the pork and the egg are quite special whereby the meat has been marinated and boiled with some spices while the egg is alike the layer cake that the thin slices are stacked and rolled together. The sandwich is then topped with different salads and being completed with mayonnaise and cheese sauces. We're not really satisfied with the sandwich because the tastes are quite split! The ingredients somehow don't have a matching taste towards each other. Furthermore, the sweetness instead of saltiness inside the sandwich has indeed blocked the deliciousness and juiciness of the pork meat.

It's good to have healthy sandwich in the town. Besides, I like the decorations and cozy environment inside the restaurant. But, they're definitely not the best sandwich that I've tasted. For time being, I'm not really motivated by the sandwich here.

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