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Friday, 30 September 2011

Spot of Munich, HB... HOFBRÄUHAUS

HB or HOFBRÄUHAUS is so-called a must-to-visit in Munich for drinking and eating. This favourite spot of Munich is somewhere people like to gather around to enjoy the 1L mug of beer, to taste some wurst or sausage and as well to chit-chat or as pastime with families and friends.

I'm here just because my friends ask me to... The whole HB is completely packed with customers and I guess most of them are tourists, so with me ;)
I've ordered the Zwei Stück original Münchner Weißwürste aus der Hofbräuhaus Metzgerei mit Süßem Senf or the white sausages that are served with sweet mustard. I don't really enjoy the meal because the white sausages are too soft for being boiled too long in the hot water. I'm as well don't like the sweet mustard because it's somehow doesn't taste as good as the Händlmaier. Talking about drink, I've decided to go for the 1L of Dunkle Bier but disappointingly that I'm served only with the 0.5L mug. The waitress must have been wondered that I can't finish the 1L beer.

No doubt that Hofbräuhaus is a suitable place to spend time for drinking with families or with a bunch of friends, but it's not a place that I dare to expect much on food anymore.

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