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Friday, 16 September 2011

Locate Schweinshaxe at Alte Münz, by the Fish Market

Fischmarkt is the fish market during the old time of Regensburg. The street is named because it's nearby the Donau river where boats are docking and fishermen are busy working each day. Here I've found Alte Münz, a small and traditional kitchen that is filled with wooden concept in the whole restaurant. The surrounding is very quiet and peaceful except that I don't really like the wet wooden smell during the humid days.

The waitress doesn't speak good English but she has been very friendly and helpful. I've decided to order the Gegrillte Schweinshaxe mit Natursauce that is served with Sauerkraut and Kartoffelknödel. As usual, the big-sized German pork knuckle has always turned out to be 'Wow' for me! Talking about the deliciousness of the Schweinshaxe, the outer skin is crispy while the inner meat is very juicy and tender whereby I've finished the whole pork knuckle by myself alone for my one first time. It's very important for the meat to be succulent with a nice bite without any hardness or tough chewiness; this is what you can find here.

If you ask me for a recommendation to have Schweinshaxe in Regensburg, I'll do doubt to share the stories about Alte Münz at Fischmarkt. The food is perfect but I'll not recommend to sit inside the 'wooden' restaurant during the high humidity days.

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