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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Am Arnulfsplatz, the Brauerei Kneitinger Bock

Kneitinger is one of the well-known beer brewery in Germany. By Arnulfsplatz, here I've found and tried out the Kneitinger Bier that has been existed since 1530; at Brauerei Kneitinger Bock. I'm indeed a little surprised by the design of this restaurant; the long corridor that people can sit down for a meal in own casual way, the big wooden drum that you can stand around to enjoy your beer or they do have the dining hall that you can gather with your family or friends in leisurely pace.

I've ordered a Currywurst mit Pommes Frites, the pork sausage in curry sauce that is served with fries. The specialty about Currywurst is to make the sausage 'swimming' inside the curry sauce. The tomato-based sauce tastes sour and being garnished with curry powder to add some spiciness to give a little refreshing taste to the taste bud. I like the sauce here because it doesn't give me the feeling of being too full and I'm indeed enjoyed to let my sausage to swim inside the thick sauce.

Sausage and beer; what else that I can ask for... Ya, maybe an exercise to get rid of the extra fat ;)

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