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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Searching for Asiatische Taste in Regensburg

Have you ever wondered about the taste of Asian food in Germany? Chinese? Indian?

Towards my curiosity, I've decided to visit Ganesha Indisches Restaurant Bar that is located at Maximilianstraße, so-called the best Indisches Küche in Regensburg. The restaurant seems warm and peaceful with the dim lighting. What is lack of in Bayerische food? Spiciness... I've decided to go for the most spicy menu of Vindaloo Chicken that is served with Basmati Rice. The spiciness is somehow not as high as I'm expecting. The sauce with some sliced ginger, it's delicious and very refreshing but I feel disappointed that the sauce is not absorbed into the chicken meat. The aroma of the spicy Vindaloo sauce is in the air but it's not united with the meat itself. Besides, the Basmati Rice is a little hard for me whereby I prefer to have it to be softer.

Further exploring into Asiatische food, I've as well visited the Rambutan Thai Restaurant that is located at Maximilianstraße. I can't recall correctly but I think I've ordered the Gang Kiow Wan Pad or in-short, the crispy duck in curry sauce that is served with bamboo shoots, capsicums and green beans. The slices of duck are just the perfect combination of crispy skin with the soft meat that are not smelly. I've to admit that the curry sauce is a little bit watery and without the strong aroma of herbs that I do like always but the curry still tastes fine.

On the recommendation from my friends, I've decided to drop by Die Perle Asiens China Restaurant at Gewerbepark. The decorations inside the restaurant are very elegant and beautiful, with some senses of Chinese antiques. Flipping towards and backwards of the menu, I've finally asked for the Gebratene Reisnudeln in Singapur Art. This plate of rice noodles is fried with mixed vegetables and slices of meat, then garnished with prawn crackers per serving. I'm in deep disappointment because the noodle is very salty and dry while the prawn crackers are not crispy. I'm wondering what has gone wrong because every of my M'sian friends have given good comments about Die Perle Asiens. I'm sad as the noodles taste really bad.

Don't put high expectations if you're visiting Asian restaurants in Regensburg. The food may look alike, smell alike yet the taste is in fact not as real as the Asian food that you can have in Malaysia.

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