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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Enjoying Authentic French at Restaurant Orphée

Have you ever thought to walk into a French restaurant for an authentic French's taste in Germany? Here I've decided to enjoy the diversity of Regensburg by walking into Restaurant Orphée. This is a hotel cum restaurant that is located at Untere Bachgasse. It's a relaxing pastime to sit down at the open street for a cup of coffee or tea during the sunny days.

What is the specialty of French food? I've no ideas yet I've randomly selected the Escalope forestière - unverwüstlich wie das Orphée (seit 1977). It's a pork schnitzel that is garnished with creamy champignons sauce and being served with varieties of vegetable and potatoes. I think that the meat is slightly chewy but the thick and creamy button mushroom sauce is very tasty. The sauce is cooked to a little saltier to match with the non-marinated meat. I'm in fact more impressed by the stacked potatoes layers that is baked with cheese. Cutting straight and looking at the uniformed layers of the potatoes, I've indeed enjoyed the softness and saltiness of each slices.

Not to forget the dessert, here comes my Lauwarmes Schokosoufflé mit Crème Chantilly. Souffle is alike a light spongy chocolate cake. The souffle tastes very sweet yet the sweetness is compensated by the sour yogurt sauce and some fresh strawberries.

People may tell me that French food is only about 'Snail' or 'Escargot' but I'm quite satisfied with what I've had in Orphée. One point to take note, the attitude of the waiter or the waiting time maybe very unpleasant.

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