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Friday, 16 September 2011

Hunting for Italian's Kitchen in Regensburg; It's Called L'OSTERIA

It's always fully packed with customers whenever I passed by the restaurant. It has somehow triggered my curiosity to try out the expertise of the chef here, in L'OSTERIA.

What should I eat? I've no ideas by looking at the titles of the menu, German... I've randomly selected the Tortelloni Prosciutto E Panna that comes with the ham, cream sauce and cheese. I'm in fact surprised by the appearance of the dish when it's served; the green leave-shaped pasta that is garnished with white creamy sauce on top. Biting the single leave and revealing inside is a mixture or blended beans with herbs?!! I do like this innovative idea of pasta creation and the creamy sauce goes just perfect with the dry ingredients inside.

As an ending, I've ordered the Piccolo Duetto that you can choose from Wahlweise Tiramisù, Crema di Fragola or Panna Cotta Rosmarino. Look at my beautiful mini cups of Tiramisu and Panna Cotta, they taste superb! One good thing about the mini cup is that you can enjoy the deliciousness of different types of desserts without being too full.

People bump into L'OSTERIA for the pizza here. I'm not the fans for pizza but I'll recommend that you should try it out, if you're the fans for thin and crispy Italian pizza.

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