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Monday, 19 September 2011

Morgen Am Domplatz, Abend Am Domplatz

Domplatz is the place that the Cathedral Church is standing in Regensburg town. People like to wander and to gather at this wide open area, chit-chatting and enjoying the windy air. During the sun-shining days especially in the Summer, the hot spots are those restaurants that are located in front of the Cathedral. You can see the crowd sitting at the outside of the restaurants, to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of beer or to dine-in for a meal.

On a sunny morning, I've decided to take my breakfast at Haus Heuport. Looking at the warm sun that is rising from behind of the Cathedral while enjoying my favourite breakfast, how I wish to have Attila to enjoy this beautiful moment with me...

I've ordered the Wellness Frühstück that is the combination of variation of cheese, honey, butter, jam, cherry yogurt drink, fresh fruit, 0.1L glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and baguette. I've enjoyed every single items in the plate especially the wholemeal baguette that contains nuts and sunflower seeds. Additionally with a cup of hot brewed coffee, this is my perfect breakfast to start the day.

In the evening, I've selected the neighboring restaurant that is called Brasserie Dombrowski for my dinner. Sitting down to enjoy a nice glass of beer, I've decided to go for the Dunkel. Do you like the glass? The golden line and label look grand but I don't feel nice or comfortable while holding the glass on hand.

Referring to the Wochenkarte for the 'Specials of the Week', I've chosen the Salat in Joghurtdressing mit Putenbruststreifen vom Grill. It's actually the vegetable salad with stripes of grilled turkey breast and then being garnished with yogurt sauce. I like the turkey breast for its tenderness and juiciness; the grilling is just nice to lock the moisture in the meat itself. Moreover, I do like the yogurt-based dressing that is not so oily and it tastes more refreshing than Mayonnaise.

You can choose to have either breakfast, teatime or dinner at both Haus Heuport or Dombrowski. Each of these restaurants serve their own menu that you can choose from. The food is not really very great but it does taste good and the most important is, you'll be able to enjoy the nice scenery of the Cathedral Church. At least, I'm happy to relax here and to look at the different people whom are walking by...

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