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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Griechische Spezialitaten or Simply Greek!

This is my first visit to Griechische or Greek restaurant in my whole life, Restaurant-Cafe Sotiri & Maria that is located at Barbing. My German colleagues hint me that Greek food taste heavy with their special herbs and spices yet I've no ideas what to expect for the menu.

My first browse to the menu, it appears alike the advertisement brochure or flyer for me. With a lot of wordings and colourful pages, deciding my meal is even a harder job. Asking for the recommendation from the waiter, I've ordered the Gyros mit Tsatsiki, Pita und Beilagensalat. Gyros is the traditional Greek dish of roasted meat whereby the meat is normally grilled to crispiness yet with sufficient fat to maintain the moisture of the sliced meat. Gyros can range from seafood to red or white meat but pork is the most common ingredient for a perfect Gyros meal. The specialty of Greek should be given to Tsatsiki, a type of yogurt sauce that is made mainly with cucumber. Tsatsiki sauce is kind of tasteless, but it's refreshing and the freshness of the cucumber is actually balancing up the strong saltiness of the roasted meat. The soft Pita bread is garnished with some herbs to give a nice aroma that is just nice to go with the meat as well.

I've indeed enjoyed my first Greek meal and I love especially the Tsatsiki sauce. The cooling, refreshing taste... somehow I'll not forget it.
Sotiri & Maria

Wondering if I'll visit Sotiri & Maria again because Barbing is just quite faraway from my apartment in Regensburg. Talking about my laziness and lack of knowledge towards direction, I really don't know how to go to the restaurant by myself. How to contain my eagerness towards Greek food? Here I've found Der Grieche am Herzogshof that is located at Alter Kornmarkt, simply somewhere beside Domplatz.

I've nearly made a mistake... Der Grieche am Herzogshof is actually located at level 1, not the tent or open area outside the building. Each of the guest here will be served with Ouzo; a type of aperitif or alcoholic drink that is taken before meal to stimulate the appetite. The alcoholic level is 38%!

By the way, I'm offered an English menu here. Thus, I've easily made my order to go for the Mixed Platter that consists of Fried Squid, Pork Shish Kebab, Gyros and Rice. Aha... Pork Shish Kebab is instead the skewer or the meat that is grilled on the metal stick. This meal is quite satisfying and as expected, the squid is not so fresh because Regensburg is not a town that is near to the seaside.
Der Grieche

If you ask me to compare between Sotiri & Maria with Der Grieche am Herzogshof, I'll choose Sotiri & Maria because they've made better Tsatsiki sauce. I myself as well prefer the saltiness and deliciousness of the roasted meat in Sotiri & Maria. This is still up to you to choose anyway...

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