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Friday, 1 July 2011

Soya King or King Soya?

皇豆Soya King is located at the lower ground of Queensbay Mall. 'Refreshing. healthy lifestyle', this is what they're holding on to produce the freshly made Soy Bean Milk豆奶 and Taufu Fah豆腐花.

I've chosen to try their Taufu Fah or what is easily to be known to us as bean curd. Taufu Fah is the solidified soy milk that comes in the soft, smooth yet firm texture. I've asked for the Taufu Fah with the Ginger Brown Sugar. The ginger has in fact neutralized the sweetness while still maintaining the aroma of the brown sugar. I like the idea of bringing ginger into the brown sugar that has balanced up the taste in my mouth; neither too sweet nor too dilute.
I'm not the expert of Taufu Fah or Soy Bean Milk but I do like the soy bean's taste and smell that I've had here. May have been more experts out there and I'm waiting for your suggestions ;)

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