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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Random Pick, the Pizzeria Da Tino

Too many pizzeria that you can choose from; Melinda and I have decided to go for the Italian's Restaurant that we've found at the Haidplatz, Pizzeria Da Tino. Part of the driven force is I want to sit outside to enjoy the rare sunshine that I can have during this Summer time in Regensburg and also to enjoy a nice Weissbier. ErlBräu is being served here.

I'm not capable to finish the 33cm Pizza and to cater for our preferences, we've ordered a Pizza mit Salami und Artischocken. The Salami is slightly softer and not as tasty as my favourite brand of Hungarish Salami but in overall, it's still delicious to have the salty Pork Salami on my pizza. A new knowledge to me, Artischocken or what is known as Artichoke in English, is a type of plant that you can get it in the Southern Europe whereby the edible part is the bud of the plant. It's soft and a little bit sour because it's sold as pickled vegetable in the can. What I love the most about Italian Pizza is the thin and crispy dough.

I guess Attila is jealous that I'm having Italian Pizza here. Pizza at Da Tino is slightly cheesy for me, yet it's still quite a good combination of Salami with Artischocken.

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