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Sunday, 24 July 2011

In the Bavaria Forest, Where You'll Like for an Apple Most

Thanks to Susanne's Mom to show me Stüberl, a place inside the Bavaria Forest that is famous for the Wine, Most and Bier. But, more accurate to say, the selling point here is the Apple Most. According to Susanne, Most is the fermented alcohol that is made from apple but before it achieves the level of Wine.

Look at the the 0.25L kleine glass of Most, clear and it seems so innocent! But, guess what? The owner rejects to sell me the groß Apple Most of 0.5L. Truly to say, Most is an easy drink that is smooth at the end of tongue. However, the strong alcoholic impact will come afterwards. An advice, drink slowly and steadily! Additionally, Thanks again to Susanne's Mom that has ordered a Mediteraner Teller for fill our hunger. It's a salami, ham and cheese platter with the potato salad. I've enjoyed this afternoon snacks so much; in fact I'm the only person whom has finished all the salami by myself ;)

Straußwirtschaft means it's opened during certain period of time whenever you see the flowers are blooming and they're put in front of the house. Summer is just the most perfect time for Stüberl where people are sitting around to enjoy the sunshine and a glass of Wine, Most or Beer.

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