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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Café Scholz, This is What I Call a Good Service

Can you read and tell me the name of this place? I'm at first knowing that I can get my food and drink here and thus, I've decided to drop by for my dinner. This is just my random pick, trying a new place anyway... Well, the name of the restaurant is Café Scholz and it's located at the D. Martin Luther Straße. The first sentences that the waitress tells me 'Sorry, I can't offer you an English Menu but just ask me and I can translate if you need any help'. This is what I call as a satisfaction, especially when I'm in a country where peolple are speaking a foreign language.

However, based on my simple understanding over some German grammars, I've ordered the Hähnchenbrustfilet Vom Grill. It's the grilled chicken breast meat that is served together with the fried potatoes with rosemary leaves and mixed vegetable in tomato-based sauce. I'm quite disappointed at first because the Chef has put in capsicum into the tomato sauce but luckily I don't taste the strong smell of capsicum that I've always hated at. I guess the sourness of the tomato has covered up the capsicum's taste? In fact, I think the sauce is more suitable and will be more delicious if to match with spaghetti. Anyhow, the chicken flesh is very tender and juicy. I love the most of the potaoes with the little crispy skin and also the nice aroma of the rosemary. To go with my food, I've definitely asked for a Weissbier and here I've my Franziskaner Dunkel.
I don't really have a very delicious meal at Café Scholz, maybe I've made the wrong choice?!! But, what I feel grateful is the attitude and good service from the waitress here. Maybe, this is just my sentiment while I'm alone in a new country... But, it's still great if to enjoy a good service, right?

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