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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cold Summer... Chili Con Carne at Cafe Felix

Windy and the temperature is about 13 to 14°C, this is such a cold Summer in Regensburg. I've decided to drop by at the Cafe Felix; attracted by the crowd whom are sitting at the open-air under such weather.

I've decided to treat myself to a hot bowl of Chili Con Carne and it's served together with some Baguette. By its name, it's a spicy stew that is cooked from the mixed ingredients of chili pepper, garlic, onion, minced meat and sometimes added with tomatoes or beans. Here in Cafe Felix, the Chef has added corns into the Chili Con Carne as well. It tastes quite nice because the fresh corns have indeed added sweetness to the soup itself. Anyway, I don't like the plenty of tomatoes inside the dish whereby the sourness has in fact covered up the spiciness that I want to taste. Oh, I really miss the Chili Con Carne from my Boyfriend now...

Cafe Felix is serving the Bischofshof Weissbier, history since year 1649? I'm the fans of Dunkel but Bischofshof Weissbier Dunkel is slightly dry, not so smooth at the end of the tongue.
Alone in the big city, I'm quite satisfied with this bowl of hot Chili Con Carne... But, I'll definitely want to taste my Boyfriend's home-cooked meal again.

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