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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Die größte Pizza in der Stadt, at Trattoria Marina

If you're searching for the biggest pizza in the Regensburg town, then don't miss out Trattoria Marina Restaurant, Cafe and Pizzeria that is located at the Stadtamhof. Their selling point is 'Die größte Pizza in der Stadt', it's not a joke because the Pizza here is 50cm in diameter. My boyfriend personally loves the Pizza so much that he'll never miss the opportunity to visit here whenever on his home trip back to Germany.

As usual, I've started my dinner with a Weissbier and I've decided to go for Thurn und Taxis Weissbier Dunkel. The wheat is very thick yet it tastes smooth at the end of the tongue.

Not to waste the 50cm Pizza, Melinda and I have decided to share a Pizza Quattro Stagioni that have been put with Tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, Champignons or what is known as Button Mushrooms, Ham, Mailänder Salami and Artischocken. I guess that the Chef has been using fresh tomatoes for the base sauce because it's more watery, very refreshing and not too sour either. Furthermore, both the Salami and Ham are fresh and with just a perfect saltiness for the Pizza. What I like the most is, the Pizza is not too cheesy whereby the Mozzarella is just a thin layer to coat the dough, neither too much nor too little. The happiest thing about a good Pizza is that you'll enjoy even the plain dough skin itself. Oh ya, the Pizza comes in 50cm round shape! Our Pizza has been requested for pre-cut in advanced ;)
I'm waiting to see how my Boyfriend will react when he sees all the pictures of the Pizza at Trattoria Marina. By the way, it's grateful that his sister likes the Pizza as much as I do...

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