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Friday, 15 July 2011

Eating Pan Mee板面 at Hou Mei Yuen好味园

Pan Mee板面 is a type of noodle whereby it's wide width and long length are alike wooden plank. The noodle is made from flour and egg, then being flattened into the width by customers' requests. Normally, you can choose to have 板面 in soup or to have it being prepared as dried noodle.

Hou Mei Yuen好味园 is located under the big tree at the apartment area, just behind the Double Good Restaurant nearby Bukit Jambul Shopping Mall. The 板面 is just simply mixed with the dark soya sauce, garnished with some minced pork, black fungus and fried anchovies, then being served with a small bowl of fish ball with vegetable soup. But, I like the noodle here because of it's thick dark soya sauce that has added a nice aroma and taste to the noodle. In fact, the noodle is quite sweet that you'll need to balance it with their specially blended Chili paste.

Different people with different preferences. My colleague like to mix the Chili paste into the soupy noodle, how about you?

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