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Sunday, 4 January 2015

In the East... at Borneo, the Kolo Mee

Attending Jackson's Wedding in Sarawak, it means also a chance for us to walk around or to wander in Kuching. It's a City of Cat that we can see plenty of statues on the road or at every junctions. Feeling the hunger, we've then stopped for a lunch break at the corner restaurant by Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Trying out the Kolo Mee哥羅面 that is prepared by an aged and arrogant uncle, this is a specialty that is originated authentically from Sarawak. The handmade noodle is seasoned with some pork fat and being topped with red sliced pork or the Char Siew叉燒 and minced pork, this is a bowl of an original flavour of Kolo Mee. Alternatively, it's available in the red tomato-based sauce that tastes sweet and sour. The noodle is soft and succulent and I'm really wondering that it can be so flavourful and delicious despite there has been not much seasonings that I can either see or taste of.

Please try out the Kolo Mee if you happen to visit Sarawak. It's not a bowl of Wantan Noodle from Penang that is filled with dark soy sauce!

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