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Monday, 5 January 2015

Nanyang & Thai at the Eastern Wishes

The Eastern Wishes is a Nanyang & Thai Restaurant南洋泰餐小厨 that is located at i-avenue. It's getting popular among the Penangites that it's frequently visited by the workers from the nearby industrial areas especially during the lunch hour. One of their regular customer is my dear boyfriend, Attila.

We've visited the restaurant on my request as I'm really eager to try the specialties here. I've taken the Seafood Tomyam Soup Bihun东炎海鲜米粉 while Attila has taken his regular meal of Pineapple Fried Rice黄梨炒饭. The Tomyam soup is actually too salty that it makes me feeling very thirsty after meal. The rice vermicelli is served together with the prawn, squid and fried fish meat. The prawn is very soggy but luckily that I can enjoy the succulent squid and the smooth fish meat. The Thai curry powder is indeed making the fried rice to taste very appetizing. I don't really like the canned pineapple and the raisins but both of the ingredients go well with the slight spiciness of the fried rice.

Besides, we've ordered the Golden Sandy Mantis Prawn金沙虾蛄肉 and the Sambal Kangkong马来风光. The mantis prawn is coated with the salted egg yolk, it's very delicious and this is definitely my favourite dish here. The Sambal is quite salty that it's better to go with rice.

I've enjoyed some of the dishes at the Eastern Wishes. This is indeed a nice restaurant that is suitable for gathering with the families and friends, to go for food sharing.

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