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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Spade's Burger... Re-located & Expanded!

It has been months or it's near to a year... Spade's Burger has moved from Bangunan Lip Sin to the I-Avenue that is located at Bayan Lepas area. The business is expanding and it's improved greatly with this strategic location.

A special concept of "Flow Chart" is developed here whereby the customers can follow the boxes and arrows to decide for either beef, pork, chicken or vegetarian burger. I've not managed to take the picture at the peak hour of dinner. Thanks to Attila for helping me in reading the flow chart, we've chosen the Chick and the Chick Enoki respectively. The Chick is the grilled chicken burger that comes with bacon, cheddar cheese and the Spade's awesome sauce. Mine is added with the Enoki and Shitake Mushrooms and also the caramelised onion. The chicken meat is very juicy and tender that both of the burgers are very delicious. Being topped with a creamy sauce, both of the mushrooms are the added specialty to an ordinary chicken burger. The set that comes with Fries is served together with the Spade's homemade sauce and the mustard. I'm somehow disappointed with the little amount of the sauce.

Spade's Burger is no doubt a competitor to Marshall's Burger. Either one... both of the shops have served splendid burgers to Penangites. If you like varieties, do walk in to the Spade's!

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