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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Since the Childhood... the Bee See Heong

I could still recall that I was just a primary school kid when I'd first visited the restaurant. It was at least 15 years ago...

Here we're again at Bee See Heong Restaurant美时香餐室, together with my family. Reading through the Facebook page, I've only realized that they've started the business since 1962. The restaurant is as old as before yet the business is still as good as usual. The car park is completely full and so with the dining tables that are slowly filled up at dinner time.

The traditional style here whereby the food is served in the steel plate. William has started with the ordering of a few famous dishes here that include the Black Pork黑肉, the Black Fish黑鱼 and the Curry Prawn咖喱虾. The pork meat is stir-fried with the thinly sliced ginger and onion. It's slightly sweet-based due to the dark soy sauce. The meat is tender and I like the sauteed ginger and onion that have given the dish a nice aroma, it's tasty! We've ordered 2 plates indeed, for 6 pax of us. The fried fish is topped with a special dark soy sauce that is spicy and sweet. The sauce matches the fish completely, it's very appetizing. The curry prawn is definitely the starred dish whereby the fresh prawns are cooked in a thick curry paste that has a nice aroma and it's delicious. This is the perfect sauce to go with the white rice or bread and I've licked clean almost the whole plate.

We've also tried out the Fried Egg with Bitter Gourd苦瓜煎蛋, the Fried Chicken炸鸡 and the Fish Maw Soup鱼鳔汤. The fried egg is a little too oily, the chicken is quite tasteless that I'm expecting that it's added with some herbs or spices while the soup tastes ordinary only.

We've a satisfied meal here. They're not really the expert in all dishes yet they're definitely the best for some of my favourite dishes. Despite it's old, we love this restaurant as it brings back some nostalgic memories and the "flavours" of togetherness with the family.

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