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Monday, 5 January 2015

Chino Latino, the Award Winning Pan-Asian in London

It's my 1st trip and it's a short trip for myself to London. I've decided for a night at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel that is located at the Albert Embankment. It's nearby the Vauxhall Underground Station, that has made my move-around such an easy task. The greatest fact for myself is the London Eye that is located within the walking distance. This is the main and this is one of the reason that I've wanted to visit London, other than the Tower Bridge.

I've decided to try out the Chino Latino Restaurant that is located at the ground floor of the Riverbank Hotel because it has won the award for the Best Pan-Asian. I've missed out the lunch hour that I've to stay at the Bar & Lounge area but luckily that the food is also served by the same restaurant. I've chosen the Crispy Duck that comes with sliced cucumber, chili, spring onion and being served together with the Hoisin Sauce. There's a few steps to enjoy this Oriental Dish. Firstly, the waiter will help by shredding the duck drumstick into tiny pieces. Then, the duck meat is to be wrapped together with the various vegetable in the steamed dumpling skin. Lastly, the sauce is garnished on top of the ingredients. The whole wrap is to be eaten as one dumpling! The duck meat is very tender and the dish is indeed very delicious. Yet, this is not the most delicious or unique duck dumpling that I've ever eaten because the sauce is not as tasty as the one that I've tasted at Chin's Restaurant in Penang. My personal opinion, the sauce is thicker and heavier at Chin's that it gives an extra "kick" to the duck meat. Besides, the vegetable is cut into thinner slices that are more even in term of thickness and shape.

Chino Latino is no doubt a good restaurant that should be considered for a delicious Oriental Dish in London. At the same time, I'm truly grateful that I can try out the same dish yet in a more delicious taste, back in my own home country. 

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