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Monday, 5 January 2015

Ladurée, They Make Macaron

I like Macaron but I don't simply buy or try out this pastry anywhere. It's more towards the mood and also the trust towards the brand of the Macaron. Being advised by Su that I can checkout the Macaron at Ladurée in London and the easiest spot is at the Harrods Shopping Mall.

I'm impressed by the Ladurée Tea Room that has been setup inside the Harrods, it's elegant! As I'm in a hurry, I've decided to take-away a box of 8 Macarons that cost £1.85 each. Randomly choosing over the varieties that are served here, I've decided for the Chocolat pure origine Ghana, Pistache, Pétale de rose, Caramel a la fleur de sel, Fleur d'Oranger, Ananas, Marrons and I think the Praliné. They're basically ranging from the flavours of pure chocolate from Columbia, pistachio nuts, rose petals, caramel with salted butter, orange blossom, pineapple, chestnuts to the pralines. The pastry cookies are crunchy while the filling is not over-sweetened and these combinations are definitely making up to a delicious Macaron. Anyway, my favourite still goes to the Macaron in Korea - by Ruben Jan Adriaan.

I've shown the Macarons to Attila's family and they love it completely! I've at least completed a main item in my checklist to London - Ladurée!

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