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Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Small Stall that is Called Sunny Hill

A small stall that is located at the corner of the roundabout and they're earning through selling the ice cream, this is the Sunny Hill Ice Cream that is well known by all kids in Kuching since their childhood time.

In a waffle cone, in a paper cup or being sandwiched between the bread and alternatively being topped with Peanut Butter Scotch or being served together with the banana as the Banana Split, you can choose the ice cream between the flavours of Vanilla or Chocolate only. Attila has been complaining as we've taken so much time to capture a nice image. Well, the ice cream is very smooth and creamy that it starts to melt despite we've just got it on-hand. Elaine and I have enjoyed the Peanut Butter Scotch the most, a well-balanced taste between a little saltiness and a little sweetness. Of course for preference, we'll definitely ask for more grounded peanuts and butter scotch for the crunchiness and the deliciousness to fill our sweet teeth.

The small stall is visited by plenty of customers that we can see families are chatting while enjoying the ice cream while some have opted to take-way.

Sunny Hill Ice Cream
Jalan Bukit Cahaya,
93250 Kuching, Sarawak.

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