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Monday, 5 January 2015

The Tradition at the.Dyak

Discussing about trying the traditional food in Kuching, we're recommended to the.Dyak. Wondering about what we can be expecting there, this is seriously the biggest curiosity of mine as I've never tried out the traditional food of Sarawak in my whole life. This is especially interesting for me as Kuching has been my 1st location to Borneo.

We've taken the Manok Lulun or the chicken stew in bamboo with tapioca leaves that is commonly known as Pansoh and being served at Dayak feasts and the Tilapia Gulai Terung Dayak Asam Terjun or the clear and mild spicy soup with Tilapia fish that is cooked together with the egg plant. The chicken soup is actually quite salty yet I've enjoyed the nice aroma of the various herbs and leaves that make me feeling healthy and energised. The girls prefer the slight sourness of the Asam soup together with the fish meat that is smooth and it's not fishy at all.

Besides that, we've taken the Jani Tunu or the grilled three layered pork that is then served with the Chef's signature spicy sauces. I don't really like the pork as it's just too fatty and sinful that I prefer if the lean meat is indeed thicker. On the other hand, both of the chili-based sauces are just marvelous! We're also recommended with the Paku Kubok, the Petai Gulai Kechala and the Ulam Raja. Both the Paku or the giant jungle ferns and the Petai or the fragrant butter nuts are stir-fried with the wild ginger flower, anchovies and chilies. Theoretically, the dishes are supposed to be spicy yet the seasoning is not so strong that the dishes are actually quite plain in the taste. I've indeed enjoyed the saltiness of the anchovies together with the fragrance of the Petai, this is my plate of favourite dish! The Ulam Raja is very special that it tastes spicy and sour, very appetising!

We've decided to try out the traditional dessert of The Special that consists of Tuak Ice Cream and Asi Manis Ice Cream. This is actually a glass of vanilla ice cream with cold fermented rice of the Tapai that is then drizzled with the Tuak or the rice wine and being topped with crushed nuts. It's not a dessert for the kids but we the adults, have enjoyed it to the maximum satisfaction! I like the sweetness of the Tapai together with the slight spiciness of the Tuak.

The traditional food at the.Dyak is indeed "healthy" as it's very mild in taste. They're using natural ingredients including the whole grain rice in their menu. I'm not really very fancy with the food here yet I'm happy that I've tried out this 1st experience here. 

Sub-Lot 29, Ground Floor,
Panovel Commercial Complex,
Jalan Simpang Tiga,
93300 Kuching, Sarawak.

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