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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Asiatique, an Asian Kitchen & Lounge

It's Groupon and we girls have decided to try out the Asiatique Kitchen & Lounge that has newly opened at Vantage Desiran Tanjung by Tanjung Tokong or it's the area in front of Straits Quay. The restaurant is ran by a pool of young Chefs that have infused an Asian influence into the Australian menu. One of their aim or speciality is to change the menu constantly that the customers will be surprised on each visit. I'm unsure if this is a good idea as we're so disappointed realising that the Groupon menu is replaced with the new dishes of the month.

The voucher comes with a glass of house wine for each person. Red or white, the white grape seems to be a more suitable companion for my mood of the night.

We've decided to start with the Classic Mushroom Soup, Potato and Leek Miso Soup and also the Apple and Fennel Salad as the appetisers. The mushroom soup has a nice dark colour and it's thick except it tastes a little too much of black pepper. My first time to try the mashed potato soup and it's not only tasty but also very refreshing. Instead of using the croutons, the Chef is garnishing the soup with the dried bean curd. It's alike a sponge by absorbing the soup yet it's still having a slight crunchiness at the outer skin, I love it! An interesting plant whereby the bulb-alike stem is being sliced and used as if an onion, the Fennel is an appetising vegetable to complete the salad. The whole plate is about the deliciousness and freshness that come with health!

It's out from the course dinner, we've decided to try out the Laksa Fried Chicken Wing. Not really filled with a strong taste of the Laksa but it's covered with the aromatic curry leaves while the chicken meat is tender, this dish is tasty and it's definitely special.

We girls have ordered different main courses that range from the Pan Seared Salmon, Five Spice Duck Breast, Oyster Sauce and Scallion Spring Chicken to the Braised Pork Belly. I'm not really fancy over Salmon but I like definitely the Laksa-based sauce that has a nice aroma of the Bunga Kantan and it's delicious. Besides, the Kerabu that is made of sliced onion, mango and chili in the sweet and sour sauce is as well a special topping. The whole combination triggers Phui Yee's imagination that to match the dish with the Laksa noodles. Both the duck meat and the skin are slightly too chewy but surprisingly that the orange sauce is marvellous! The sauce is appetising and I opt for more indeed. For my choice of spring chicken, I'm a little disappointed as it's only a small drumstick. Anyway, I'm at least grateful at the end because the oriental sauce is quite good. The best dish is still the pork belly that melts inside the mouth. Accompanied with the mashed potato and the salty puree, it's the mouthful of deliciousness and satisfaction.

The meal is so far so good and we're really eager to try out the dessert here. It's sharing and we've thus taken the Sago Puding and Longan Broth, Chendul and Red Bean Panna Cotta and the Sarsi Poached Pears. The broth is extremely sweet that it's a must to go with the tasteless Sago. I do quite like the idea of solidifying the Chendul and then being garnished together with the coconut ice-cream and the small chunks of Gula Melaka or brown sugar. It's only a tiny mistake that the Chendul is slightly too hard. Else, this innovation will be a perfect dessert. Our preference is voted on the soft and delicious pear. I guess that the taste will be more amazing if the Sarsi is absorbing into the inner layer of the pear as well.

Despite the dissatisfaction earlier, we're then amazed by the deliciousness of the food here. I'm really praising their creativity towards the concept for food, it's truly Asian and Western. A "Thumb Up" to the waiter cum cleaner that works by himself alone yet very effective.

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