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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

We've Found it In Front of Samosir Cottage, Jenny's Restaurant

We've decided to turn left once coming out from Samosir Cottage and here we've found the Jenny's Restaurant. We insist to look for this restaurant and to try out the food, it's just because of the recommendation from LonelyPlanet. Hmmm... Wondering what we're going to eat and drink here!

An authentic local cuisine, it's a must to try out the fish from Lake Toba itself that is called Fish Nela. Steamed or BBQ? Let's go for the BBQ method that has a special name being pronounced as Tombur. Besides, we've taken the Roast Pork that comes with a vegetable as side dish. Being so different from the river fish, Fish Nela is not only free from the awful taste of the soil but the meat is indeed very tender and fresh. Even though it's unhealthy, but I definitely like the slightly burnt skin that has enhanced the aroma of the BBQ fish. Comparing to the Fish Nela, the pork is quite tasty but the fat meat is very smelly and disgusting. This is the 1st time that I'm so much in favour with the fish than a plate of BBQ pork.

The side dish of pickled vegetable is very appetising from its sourness. I just dislike the "too-much" of black pepper. We've ordered as well the Gado-Gado whereby it's a mixed vegetable dish with potato, cucumber, tomato and long beans that is topped with peanut sauce. There's nothing wrong in matching vegetable with peanut sauce but it's weird the sauce tastes a little bitter.

The whole meal is quite cheap by costing at Rupiah 172k. The most important is the quality of the food that we've enjoyed almost all of the dishes and with satisfaction.

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