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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Excelso... It's not in Penang!

Time to face the reality that we've to depart back to Penang, soon in 6 hours. The laziness is striking and we've decided to wander around Sun Plaza and just staying inside the air-conditioned mall. It's not seen in Penang and we've chosen to just relax inside the Excelso for the coming hours.

Since we've time to kill, Change Keat and I have decided to take the World's Finest of Brazilian Santos and the Indonesia's Premium of Kalosi Toraja respectively. Insisting to be served with and being prepared in the siphon, the coffee is heated, boiled, stirred and poured into our cups before our eyes. My cup of coffee has a nice aroma and it's smooth at the end of tongue yet it's slightly too thin for myself.

We've failed to order most of the "Chef Recommended" food in the menu as the raw ingredients are not delivered due to the flood in Jakarta. Anyway, we've decided to share the Banana Sweet Nachos, Excelso Mixed Sampler and a bowl of Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti. The food with a weird combination that I've never tasted in my life, the Sweet Banana Nachos that is served with caramelised banana and melted mozzarella cheese. The saltiness of nachos and cheese being paired with the sweetness of banana, it's really weird but I've somehow enjoyed the slices of sweet banana. The Mixed Sampler is just an ordinary platter of fried meat and seafood that includes chicken, sausage, fish balls and fries. On the other hand, the spaghetti tastes normal as well. It's kind of too sweet for me whereby the sweetness of the sauce has covered the spiciness and aroma of the black pepper.

Feeling full yet we've decided to share the Apple Crumble Pie to end our meal. The apple cubes are not too sweet that they come together with a nice smell of the cinnamon. The crumbles look alike bread crouton yet they are more compact and taste alike cookies. The skin of the pie is quite crispy yet it's too thick that we've a hard time to cut it nicely. This is a "No Regret" dessert that we've definitely enjoyed its taste.

Being attracted by the special name with a registered trademark, Chang Keat has ordered the Cappuccino on the Rocks. It's indeed just a glass of milky and foamy coffee-based drink of iced cappuccino.

Well, we've fun to chit-chat and to waste our time during the last hours before departure from Medan! The ambient is very comfortable and it'll be greater if we have chance to try out other specialty in the menu.

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