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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sushi Tei, the Pavilion of Sushi

Japanese food is a culture that has built up since years in M'sia. More and more people enjoy the Japanese cuisine that is no longer only being known as Sushi or Wasabi but it has emerged into a wide variety that comes with a seasonal theme. Attila and I have decided to try out the Sushi Teiすし亭 that is located at Gurney Plaza.

Attila has decided the Soft Shell Crab Maki as a starter. It's a hand-rolled sushi with fried soft shell crab that is then being coated with the salmon roe. The taste is quite okay but the soft shell crab is not so crispy anymore as this is a readily made sushi for the conveyor belt. Besides, Attila insists to try out the Gyuniku Roll or the beef roll that contains golden mushroom. This is definitely the best or the most delicious beef roll that we've ever tasted before. The beef is not chewy while the mushroom is soft and crunchy and then being garnished with a strong sweet-based sauce, marvellous dish!

I've asked for a Hotate Tamago Ramen that is a soupy noodles that is served with scallops and topped with egg. The clear soup is sweet due to the onion that I've indeed put in a lot of chili powder. The scallop is slightly dry that it tastes a little over-cooked. Anyway, the soup still tastes quite delicious.

We've taken another dish that is called Ikameshi. It's the barbecued big squid that is stuffed with a sweet based rice. The rice is actually quite special and I prefer to try it with Wasabi in order to give it a refreshing taste.

The negative outcome from this Japanese food is the thirstiness! We've finished at least 1L of water per person, after tasting so much Glutamate in the food. It's really scary to imagine about visiting Sushi Tei again.

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