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Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Chinese & Thainese at Soon Chi

We're brought to Restoran Soon Chi順記中泰海鮮 that is located at Jalan Sungai Bakap or inside the Kawasan Perusahaan Valdor that is in between of Jawi and Nibong Tebal (the Southern of Penang). The dinner is on a Chinese New Year's treat from Ah Meng and we're here of course on the 2-wheels' ride. Ah Meng is a frequent diner here and he has highly recommended this restaurant to the bikers.

First dish to start off is the Fried Hor Fun干炒河粉 or the big flat rice noodle that is stir-fried with prawn, meat and bean sprout. Both the aroma and taste of the soy sauces are very appealing with the sufficient heat during frying while the Hor Fun is not too dry, it's delicious. Next dishes are the Thai Style Pork Knuckle泰式猪手 and the Kerabu Beancurd加拉母豆干. The pork knuckle is deep fried to a dark brownish colour that the skin is very crispy and the outer layer of the meat is slightly crusty while the inner is still tender. The pork knuckle is delicious but it's slightly too dry for me as it's being served without any dipping sauce. The bean curd is mixed together with cuttle fish, dried shrimp, green apple, onion and Cili Padi that is then being garnished with a sweet-based chili sauce and lime juice. It's very refreshing and appetising and I like especially the crispiness of the ingredients.

Attila is eager to try out the mud-crabs here whereby Ah Meng has decided to order the Baked Crab烤蟹 and the Salted Egg Yolk Fried Crab咸蛋炒蟹. I just can't imagine that the crab is really baked or it's actually steamed because the meat is amazingly very juicy. The second dish is quite special whereby the crab is firstly deep fried in the hot oil and it's only then being stir-fried with the salted egg yolk. The combination of the salted egg yolk with the butter has an appealing aroma but I personally think that the taste may can be enhanced if the salted egg yolk is chopped into smaller pieces. I myself prefer the originality of the fresh crab that is baked without any additional seasonings. The salted egg yolk fried crab is not a loser anyway! The biggest compliment and satisfaction is towards the big and compact crabs, plenty of meat to be enjoyed!

Another dish that has gained our votes is the Steamed Grouper or Long Dan Fish蒸龙胆鱼. The Grouper Fish is given a special name that is called Long Dan or the "Dragon Bladder" after it reaches a certain size. The fish is fresh but it's a little disappointing that the meat is slightly chewy. Luckily, the soy sauce that is not too salty together with the fried onion and garlic have compliment the fish meat with a nice aroma and taste.

The most expensive dishes are the crabs that cost a total of about RM 230. It's a delicious dinner that we're amazed of the taste and we've definitely enjoyed it. It's really a big "Thank You" to Ah Meng for paying the bill.

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