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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Namoo is a Korean!

Can you imagine the taste of an Korean Dessert? You'll never know if you've never tried it and we've visited the Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe N Bistro that is located at Gurney Plaza. Stepping into the restaurant and I've immediately changed my mind that to stay outside at the open air. I dislike the smell of the various food that is wandering in the air and sticking onto the clothes, it's awful! On the other hand, I quite like their idea of displaying the menu with clothes hanger.

We've shared the Beef Bibimbap whereby it's a rice-dish being topped with mixed vegetables and meat that is then served in a stone bowl. The most important step is to stir all the ingredients together with the special Korean chili paste that is sweet yet it's not spicy, till they're mixed uniformly. The rice is too sticky while the beef is too minced instead of being cut into thin slices. I find that it's still quite delicious especially to go with the spicy Kimchi. This is definitely not the best Bibimbap that I've ever tasted but it's at least one of the edible that I can accept in Penang. We've also shared a Seafood Pancake that comes with a minimum amount of prawn and squid but a lot of spring onions. I'm wondering if the Chef has used the wrong flour as the pancake is just too soft and sticky.

Finally, we've given another chance for the dessert that we've chosen the Sweet Potato Cake. It's claimed as the Korean special recipe whereby the cake is made from 100% natural ingredient and fresh cream. Indeed of naming it as cake, I'll rather call it as mashed sweet potato. The whole stack of the triangle slice is just a layer of sweet potato that is topped with fresh cream and being garnished with crumbs. It's special but it's not my choice of dessert.

I'm not impressed, neither by the ambient nor by the food here. I feel disappointed with the dessert here that I've put a high expectation earlier. I can't find a motivation if I'll visit Namoo again.

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