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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Riding as the Start, Eating as the End... at Kuala Sepetang

The bikers have decided to go for a short ride to Taiping or it's actually to Kuala Sepetang for a seafood meal. I've heard of it as a marvellous scene for photo shooting. Apart from the rubbish that is trapped at the river bank, this is a peaceful harbour in the afternoon whereby all the boats are parked and rested as they're waiting for customers that are interested for the sightseeing through the river. It's a business opportunity for whom owns the boats that we can pay $$$ to cruise along the river, to watch how the cockles are caught or to see how the river fishes are bred or to see how the egret is resting or to feed the eagles. According to the uncle whom owns the boat, it must be a lucky year 2014 for us as we've seen a couple of dolphins at the junction in between of freshwater and saltwater! I hope so and I believe it...

We've stopped by for meal at Makanan Laut Kang Kao十八丁港口海鮮樓 that is located at the 2nd floor of the 3-storey building. The ground and the 3rd floors are renovated into a cafe and guesthouses respectively. A specialty here is the Curry Prawns and Bread咖喱面包虾 that is a dish of curry prawns into the bowl of aluminium foil and then wrapped with the dough before being baked to the golden brownish bread. This is a Tomyam-based of curry sauce, it's thick and spicy yet it's not too milky and it's definitely an appetising dish to go with the soft bread that is still very crispy at its outer skin. I love it deeply except that the prawn meat is slightly too softy!

Besides, we've taken another seafood dishes of Lime Sauce Steamed La La酸柑蒸啦啦 and on the request from Attila, the Stir-Fried Crabs with Milk & Salted Egg Yolk生奶咸蛋蟹. I don't really like the La La as the meat is slightly over-cooked that it's chewy while the sauce is not so to the sourness and it's slimy. The crab has a creamy sauce whereby the salted egg yolk has enhanced its deliciousness. Yet this is not my dish as I find that the strong taste of the sauce has covered the freshness of the crab meat. Anyway, as always that I like the meaty mud-crab.

For its deliciousness, we've re-ordered the Kang Kao Homemade Tou-Fu招牌豆腐. The smooth Tou-Fu that is topped with the salty fried minced chicken with garlic, it has a nice aroma and it's really appetising. They're the special of the day and we've taken the chef's recommendations of Mongolian Chicken and Kerabu Paku-Pakis. The Mongolian sauce is actually a black pepper-based sauce that is mixed with Thousand Island Mayonnaise Sauce. The best dish that has become my favourite is the Kerabu Paku-Pakis whereby it's a special vegetable that is topped with fried cuttle fish, sliced onion and it's not only sweet but also sour. The dish tastes very refreshing and crispy from the cuttle fish, very tasty in conclusion!

We've all enjoyed the riding and the food. I personally think that some of the dishes are really special and tasty and I like the taste! Thanks to the Boss and with the persuasion from our bikers' friend, we're given the red bean paste as complimentary.

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