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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Yeah, at Pekantan... Ayam Penyet!

Traveling from Lake Toba to Medan that takes about 5 hours in a car, we're so exhausted by the moment we reach the Swis-BelHotel International. We just can't wait to get some food to fill our hunger. Wandering and walking around, Lai Lee has spotted and insisted to go for the Ayam Penyet. Feeling her eagerness, we've decided to try out this Pekantan Ayam Penyet that is located at Jalan Pandu.

Ayam Penyet is a traditional Indonesian chicken dish whereby the fresh chicken is marinated with special herbs and spices. The meat is then smashed with wooden hammer before being fried to the dark and golden brownish colour. I've fell in love with the Ayam Penyet; it's flavourful, it's tender, it's crispy at the outside and it's not oily at all. The meat is very delicious and it has a nice aroma of the special spices. Matching with the grounded chili, the spiciness and saltiness are enhancing the taste of the chicken meat and my appetite towards this dish. The Ayam Penyet is alike a set meal that is served with a fried Tofu, a fried bean-cake and some Basil or fresh leaves. I like the softness of the Tofu but not the powdery bean-cake.

Being persuaded by the Uncle that is selling the Durian Pancake from door-to-door, Chang Keat has decided to try it out and we're of course "forced" to share. The greenish pancake is filled with fresh Durian meat and a Coconut-based cream. Surprisingly that the richness of Durian and creaminess of Coconut are not making me to feel over-full that I've indeed enjoyed the deliciousness of this dessert. I think it's because the pancake is chilled?

I'm completely satisfied with the Ayam Penyet as my dinner. I miss it somehow now... Where can I find a delicious Ayam Penyet in Penang?

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