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Monday, 3 February 2014

Roasted Pork, Just Before the Museum Simanindo

We're riding around the Samosir Island and enjoying the nice scenery of Lake Toba. It's part of our program to checkout what the Batak Dance actually is and we've thus stopped by at the Museum Simanindo. This is the stage for the traditional dance that is performed by the local people or the Batak. The showcase is twice in the morning and on daily basis.

Taking the recommendation from the Uncle that is renting the motorbikes to us, we've decided to try out the Roasted Pork that is sold at a small shop house that is located just before the Museum Simanindo. The roasted pork is chopped into small pieces and being served together with the homemade chili sauce that contains Cili Padi and Limau Kasturi. The pork is fried till the meat is dry and hard yet I've still enjoyed its saltiness. The spiciness and sourness of the special chili sauce are both so refreshing to match the pork meat completely. A small advice is that not to take the fatty part of the pork meat as it's kind of smelly. A bowl of Boiled Vegetable is served as side dish but I definitely dislike the milkiness. Going with the clear soup that is garnished with fried onion and parsley, a simple yet delicious meal.

We've somehow felt cheated as the meal costs us total Rupiah 100, 000 for 3pax. Isn't the number weird?Isn't it expensive?

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