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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sushi at Precinct 10

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, the girls have decided to bring me to Sushi Zento膳户 that is located at Precinct 10 by Tanjung Bungah. Searching for this Japanese restaurant doesn't consume much effort as it's positioned at the center of the Precinct 10 that is clearly seen with a glassy closed dining area.

You can either help yourselves from the conveyor sushi bar or to order from their menu. A must-to-try yet it's not listed in the menu is the Fried Salmon Skin. The taste is superb that it's alike eating chips that we've indeed enjoyed the crispiness. Dipping the Salmon Skin into the Long Island Sauce that has been mixed with lemon juice, the refreshing taste has enhanced the deliciousness. Another seafood family that we've ordered is the Ika Maruyaki Teriyaki that is the grilled Japanese squid with Teriyaki sauce. Alternatively, do ask for Shioyaki or grilling with salt if you prefer a plain taste. I'm not amazed by the dish as both the squid and the sauce do not taste appealing. In other word, it's just ordinary.

We've then taken the Buta Enoki Maki that the golden needle mushroom is rolled with the pork slices and being garnished with a type of pepper and butter sauce. This is a good combination especially I've enjoyed the slight crunchiness of the mushroom together with the tender meat. The sauce has done a great job as well with its saltiness. Next menu is their special of the day that is the Pan Fried Pork being served with Teriyaki sauce. Not really special, but the taste is still not bad. Trying their grilling menu, we've picked the Aspara Bacon whereby the asparagus is wrapped inside the pork bacon. This is a simple yet tasty snack to chew it on the stick that the taste is enhanced by the saltiness of the bacon. I guess I'll enjoy more if the asparagus is younger and crunchier.

To eat healthily, Phui Yee has decided to order the Komitamago To Bacon Salada. The fresh salad is mixed with flavoured half boiled egg and crispy bacon that is then being garnished with Wafu Dressing. The salad is tasty but it's really sinful with the high calories of the fried bacon and pork skin.

I don't find the Sushi Zento to be very extraordinary as the menu is neither very delicious nor outstanding than other Japanese restaurants. The surrounding maybe slightly special but not to the extent yet to carve a memory into my brain.

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