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Monday, 17 September 2012

Sitting on The Cliff

Koh Samui as being surrounded by the ocean, a lot of developers have utilising this strategic geographical factor that the restaurants are facing the wide ocean view and backup by the high mountains. There are plenty of restaurants around the island that you can consider for a romantic dinner while enjoying a beautiful sunset view. By random pick, we've chosen The Cliff Bar & Grill.

Arriving at our destination, I'm falling in love with the beautiful scenery of the unlimited acre of the sky and the sea. I'm totally addicted to stand on the giant rock and to capture the whole view of the restaurant that is clinging onto the cliff. For that moment, the peaceful surrounding and the nice view motivate us to laze down for a relaxing dinner. Sitting outside at the open-air area, we're served with some bread sticks and the pickled olives and garlics as the welcoming snacks. We've then shared the Zarzuela De Marisco or the Seafood Platter that consists of imported live Atlantic Lobster, King Scallops, NZ Mussels, Calamari, Prawns and fresh Fish that are served with Spanish Rice, Salad or French Fries. The platter comes as well together with 3 types of sauces that are yogurt-based, chili and mixture of chopped garlic with olive oil. Of course, I like the chili the most yet the sauces are all delicious. My compliment goes only to the fish meat for its freshness and juiciness. I'm especially disappointed with the scallops as they're from the canned food that is then being decorated on the shell. The scallops are not tender and the taste is really sucks. The taste and the freshness of the seafood are in generally neither special nor very good. Attila has indeed complaint about the claw of the Atlantic Lobster that has been over burnt.

If you like somewhere to relax for a meal that you can breathe the fresh air and able to enjoy the beauty of the nature, The Cliff is one of the choice out from the varieties across Samui island. However, the food is not as delicious as I've expected out from the quality of the service and the scenery here. Do visit here during the daytime before the beautiful view disappears into the darkness of the night.

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