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Sunday, 16 September 2012

London Cocktail Bus, No. 89 by the Roadside

Walking along the streets at Chaweng Beach, I'm attracted by the Cocktail 89 London Bus whereby this bus-shaped creature is indeed a small bar that is selling cocktails. The ambient is quite cozy whereby tables and chairs are available that customers can sit down to enjoy the take-away cocktails. The dim lighting and the peaceful surrounding suit us that are looking for a place for chit-chatting and to relax for a drink.

Attila has chosen the Mai Tai that is the mixtures of white rum, dark rum and orange curacao. This orange-based of cocktail tastes very sweet but Attila has indeed enjoyed the extreme sweetness that is corroding his teeth. I've selected the lime-based drink that is called Mojito. It has the combinations of white rum, fresh lime, brown sugar and soda water. I like the sourness of the lime as I dislike sweet cocktails. A small disadvantage is that the cocktails are served in the plastic cups. About the taste, they're good and we're both satisfied.

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