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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Convenience by Family Mart

I like every Family Mart in Thailand because we're getting not only the ready-made or packed food but also the cooked food that can be done instantly inside the shop. It's just alike a small restaurant that you can buy a meal or to visit for a snack. One of the attraction for Attila is the sausage station that is selling mainly the pork sausages. Additionally, chicken or fish sausages are available as well.

During an afternoon teatime, Attila has decided to get the sausages to fill up his hunger. He has chosen the Smoke Further Pork and Cheesy Sausage that is made from chicken. The sausages taste good because the inner is soft yet the outer layer is slightly crispy to create the bite strength. The only concern or dislike from mine is the sausages that have been sliced are put into the plastic bag and then being heated together inside the microwave oven. Looking at Attila that is enjoying his snack and I'm really questioning, how healthy that the sausages are?

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