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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ruined Wall at Spirit House

A recommendation from the friendly hotel owner that we should visit Spirit House, to see for ourselves the beauty of the restaurant. Being listed in the Samui Dining Guide that it has become a must-visit place, this unique restaurant is hidden in the ruined city walls and they're specialising in authentic Thai cuisine. Walking along the paths, they're leading you to the traditional style building where the restaurant is while further steps are heading towards a small pond and spice garden that you can sit down on the bench to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can find some statues that are based on the common jobs in old days such as farming or carving. They look real among the dim lighting! Besides, the small pavilions that are decorated with the silky curtains are meant to let the customers enjoying relaxing spa experience here.

Out from the Entrees menu, we've decided to take the Pork Satay. I'm a little surprised that the whole slice of pork meat is poked onto the stick that is then being barbecued instead of the slightly cut or minced meat that I've usually eaten before. The meat is a little hard yet the saltiness is sufficient that it tastes delicious especially with the thick peanut sauce. Next, we've ordered the Red Duck Curry and Pork Salad for sharing. The earlier is a specialty dish that is recommended by the restaurant whereby it's a rich curry that is accompanied by lychees, grapes and cherries tomatoes. You can then choose the level of spiciness as either mild, medium or spicy. I like not only the juicy and tender duck meat but also the fruit that has added a refreshing taste to the curry. The milkiness of the thick curry doesn't cause me a feeling of overfull. The latter dish consists of the succulent pieces of grilled pork meat that are being served on top of the pool of salad such as coriander, bean sprout, onion and capsicum. I've really enjoyed the pork meat and also the dressing that tastes a little sweet and sour.

Ending of the meal, I've decided to get myself a dessert. Not really too many choices, I've ordered the Lady Finger Bananas drizzling in the rum syrup that comes together with a scoop of coconut ice-cream. The flour coating is neither thick nor crispy and the banana itself doesn't taste sweet. The rum syrup has as well not added marks to the sweetness or aroma. The dessert tastes quite Okay but I'm not impressed.

In conclusion, we're satisfied with the Thai cuisine here that we've especially given a 'Thumb Up' to the Red Duck Curry. I'll sure recommend Spirit House restaurant & spa to the tourists that are visiting Koh Samui for the specialty of this artistic building and the deliciousness of the Thai food here. The authenticity of the Thai culture has indeed a big attraction to us whom are looking for a restaurant that is not available in Malaysia.

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