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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Four Islands-Five Islands... It's 5

On our last night in Koh Samui before departure back to reality of working life, we're looking for delicious food for our dinner. We're a little cautious about the freshness of seafood on this island, thus we've narrowed down the selections to only authentic Thai or Western food. Accepting the suggestion from the friendly hotel's staff, we've decided to go for Thai Fusion food by visiting Five Islands Restaurant that is located at West Coast. It's always a argument between Four Islands or Five Islands because you can see only the Four Islands from the Five Islands Beach whereby the 5th island is hidden behind. It's really a beautiful scenery either in the garden or with the boats that are parking by the beach. We like the windy air and the silence that make us to stay longer for a relaxing evening.

Unable to decide about the menu, Attila is wanting for seafood and we've thus ordered the Pooh Tod Kra Tiem that is the deep fried crab and the BBQ King Prawns that are both served with garlic and pepper. They're using the sea crab that is not our favourite as the meat is softer and it tastes a little 'powderish' but I've at least enjoyed the saltiness together with the aroma of the garlic and pepper. The BBQ King Prawns are apparently smaller than I've expected and they're not so fresh as well. The meat is not so succulent but the juiciness and saltiness of the sauce are still sufficient to let us enjoy the taste.

Next to follow is the meat that we've taken the Geng Phed Phet Yang whereby it's the roast duck curry with pineapple, baby tomatoes and grapes. I think that the meat is slightly over-cooked that it's a little chewy but I like the thick curry sauce here. It's tasty and the aroma is very nice. I've asked additionally for the Grilled Pork that is marinated in herbs and virgin oil, then being served with Brussels sprouts and the Five Islands red wine sauce. Only one word to describe my feeling, 'Superb'! The pork slices are tender and very juicy while the red wine sauce is just a perfect match with the meat. I'm really surprised that they're making such a delicious dish here. By the way, the pork is categorized under European section.

Both of us have finished up the 4 dishes completely. An over all conclusion, we're satisfied with the environment, service and the food here. I've a gut feeling that the Thai is good in preparing meat. I'm recommending this restaurant to tourists that are visiting Koh Samui as you're not only going to enjoy a delicious meal but also having the chance to see another side of the island. The same advice applies, don't come at night as there's only darkness.

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