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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chocolate Temptation at Chocolate Passion Chocolate Café

Passing by Chocolate Passion Chocolate Café, we're attracted by their wide range of hand-crafted chocolates that are displayed inside the glass showcase. Tempted to try out every single pieces of these fine chocolates, Attila and I have decided to take away the box of 9 pieces. Of course, I've taken their signature of Extremely Dark Chocolate Truffles that are made from 70% cocoa. The taste of the thick chocolate is superb that I've really enjoyed its soft texture and the bitterness in my mouth. I cannot recall the exact name of each chocolates, but they should be Peanut Truffles, Almond Nuts, Caramel, Mint, Banatoffee, Raspberry Truffles and another two with the unknown names. The remaining chocolates do taste good as well but I'm more amazed by the deliciousness of the 70% Dark Chocolate Truffles. The box costs us RM45, is it too expensive for you? Worth for money that I'll spend.

Additionally, Attila has taken 100g of their Chocolate Biscotti. It does have a strong chocolate's taste but the texture is soft and slightly compact that it tastes a little powdery. It tastes quite good but it's just different from the crispy Biscotti that I've normally tried.

Oh ya, you can find the Chocolate Passion Chocolate Café at unit 3A-G-36 at Straits Quay!

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