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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Double INcome No Kids Yet at DINKY

Double INcome No Kids Yet has attracted us to stay at the DINKY Rock, Lounge Beach Club & Spa that is located at Hin Ta Hin Yai by Lamai Beach. The huge rock is an exceptional scene that is uniquely available here whereby I can capture the whole view of the hotel. The white sandy beach and the wide open area, the French owner intends to create a private space to let the customers to relax in leisurely pace here. The white building and furniture, the pink sofa and pillow together with the colourful LED lighting; the hotel is just beautiful regardless day or night.

On the 1st night, we've decided to take our dinner at the restaurant by the hotel. With the recommendations from the friendly staff, we've decided to take the Garlic Shrimps and Blue Crab Dumpings as our starters. The 'Dumpings' is a typo error as it should be 'Dumplings'. The shrimps are fried with a lot of chopped garlic while the dumplings are wrapped with the crab meat inside and being steamed to cook. Both of the dishes are garnished with a milky sauce. The dishes taste quite good except that the prawns are too small in size and they're as well not too fresh. Besides, I'll prefer to add slightly more saltiness for the sauce of the dumplings because the skin that is made from flour is somehow tasteless.

Next to follow for our main courses are Thai food whereby we've decided to share the Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Green Curry Chicken. I've a gut feeling that these dishes have somehow being modified to suit the foreigners' taste buds that they're neither strong in aroma nor spiciness. I'm not really impressed by the taste but in nutshell, the dishes do still taste Okay. A special remark from my side is about the Green Curry Chicken that even the curry is thin and it's quite sweet yet I somehow like the refreshing taste from the lemongrass.

The quiet and peaceful Lamai Beach suits the tourists that are looking for getaway out from the hustle and bustle of city life. On our arrival, the dinner may not be the most perfect from its deliciousness but we're totally impressed by the environment and service here.

Continuing on 2nd day, we've woke up early to catch up for the breakfast before 11am. As explained by the owner, they don't serve buffet style breakfast due to the space limitation. The guests are served with a fruit platter, slices of cheese and ham, some breads of the day such as Baguette and Croissant, butter and fruit jam, the egg of your choice that ranges from sunny-side-up to scrambled or Omelette, a cup of hot coffee or tea and a glass of fruit juice. This is just the perfect portion of breakfast that has sufficiently fill up our hunger. Of course, I'm always welcomed to get my next coffee for breakfast to energize myself for the day. My accomplishment goes to the delicious Croissant that is soft at inner yet crispy at outside. Back in Penang, I'm still missing their Croissant for my morning breakfast.
Attila and I have achieved the same agreement that we'll choose DINKY for our future holiday in Koh Samui. The hotel has provided the service, food and environment that we've wished for a relaxation.

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