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Saturday, 20 October 2012

On the Way to Thailand... Roasted Pork

Riding from Penang to Krabi, Trang is our middle station to stop for a lunch. It's the perfect time to make a break before continuing further on half of the journey. Going through the busy town and then stopping in front of a small restaurant by the corner of the roadside, our leader Uncle Francis has decided to bring us to the roasted pork.

Attila and I have shared a Mixed Pork Platter that consists of Honey Glazed Pork or Char Siew, Roasted Pork and Sausage. I don't find the pork meat here to be very tasty as I dislike especially the skin of the roasted pork that is not crispy and indeed a little chewy. They're serving the pork meat with a special bean curd sauce. The saltiness of the sauce is adding taste to enhance the deliciousness of the meat. It's really appetising yet look at the sinful brownish oil! Additionally, we've tried out the Pork Satay here. The whole slice of meat on the stick is barbecued that is then being served together with the peanut sauce and pickled cucumbers. I like the thick peanut sauce that matches the meat completely.

I'm not amazed by the roasted pork here yet I'm having fun by knowing about more dishes in Thailand. The riding trip is as well a knowledge of food culture for myself.

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