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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Irrawady at Jalan Irrawady

Our friend Chef Tommes from TLWB owns as well a cafe cum deli shop that is called Irrawady Fine Foods at Jalan Irrawady. The shop is opened from 11am till 6pm daily except on Sunday. Not only for dining in, but it's also a deli shop that is selling different kinds of Salami or Ham, cheese, sauces or seasonings and bread. If you're interested, baking classes are as well available for registration.

Since its opening, Attila and I have hardly visited Irrawady Fine Foods because it's almost impossible to wake us up for breakfast. On a sunny weekend during public holiday and after being woke up by the alarm clock, I've persuaded Attila to go for a nice brunch here. I'll normally checkout the chalkboard for their menu or if there's any special of the day. I've then decided to take the English Full Breakfast that comes with 2 sunny-side-up, 1 sausage, 1 toast that is halved into triangles, 1 tomato and some baked beans. This is kind of a standard breakfast that I've always wanted to have, especially the pork bacon and the egg whereby the egg white must be completely cooked while the egg yolk is still half-cooked. I like the salt and the black pepper in the sausage but the frying seems to have sacrificed its tenderness. I assume that the sausage may taste better if it's being barbecued?
Attila has decided to DIY that he has chosen the Bagel with black poppy seeds, the 'stinky' cheese, Pickles or the fermented cucumber, Hungarian Salami and the Longaniza de Chivo or spicy pork sausage. We can't recall the name of the cheese that we've named it 'stinky' cheese for its strong smell. Even though the smell is quite strong, yet the deliciousness is really superb. This is the way that my Boyfriend likes to have for his breakfast, the most important is always the Salami.

If you're keen for a Western breakfast that is Non-Halal and you're not restricted only to the defined menu, do drop a visit to Irrawady Fine Foods. Alternatively, you can as well take away some ingredients to prepare your own breakfast or BBQ at home.

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