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Saturday, 18 August 2012

I've to Recommend... Foong Wei

I'm completely out of my mind that I've forgotten to write about Foong Wei Restaurant风味小食館 that is located at Jalan Sri Bahari. Every Penangites know about this restaurant and it's always fully packed by customers not only during normal lunch or dinner hours but also on festive seasons or occasions such as Chinese New Year or birthday celebrations. It's well known for the deliciousness of the food and the friendly service of the waiter and waitress that every Chinese is willing to spend for a meal here.

A tradition before Chinese New Year, we've decided to have our year end closing meal收工宴 at Foong Wei Restaurant. We're served with an empty stainless steel pot that is filled with hot water to get ready for our first dish, the Poon Choi盆菜. This is to ensure that the dish is always kept warm throughout our lunch hour. Poon Choi is traditionally invented by poor people in old days whereby various ingredients or the left-over food are mixed together to boil a pot of delicious meal. Modernization to nowadays, the ingredients for Poon Choi are getting to be more diversified that range from abalone鲍鱼, fish maw花胶, swim bladder鱼鳔, sea cucumber海参, prawn虾, mushrooms菇类, vegetable菜类 to poultry such as roasted pork烧肉, chicken烧鸡 and duck烧鸭. There's a 'layering' rule in preparing Poon Choi. The most bottom layer is started with land or the meat and then being topped up with vegetable or mushroom. Finally, the most top layer is being covered with the sea treasures. Every single cents that I've spent here are worth for money because the ingredients are really valuable and the taste is really delicious.

Our lunch has as well included the Lotus Leaf Rice荷叶饭 that is steamed with chopped roasted pork and 3 types of sausages. I'm not so amazed by the rice as the nice aromas of the dark soy sauce and the lotus leaf are not appealing. Anyway, the rice is still quite tasty because of the pork sausages.

Ending of our meal is the soupy dessert that is made from longan龙眼, lotus seed莲子 and red date红枣. I'm not so fancy over this dessert but it doesn't taste too bad anyway.

I've missed out the picture of the Steamed Long Dan Fish with Soy Sauce清蒸龙胆鱼. The fish is very fresh that it's tasty even being steamed with soy sauce only. I'll definitely visit this restaurant with my friends or colleagues again that we can share a big table of different delicious cuisines.

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