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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Home Cooked Lunch by Chuah's Parents

Our colleague Chuah's parents have retired and the daughters have contributed the idea that they should start a home cooked food business at home. The main motivation is that the old parents are good in cooking and they've cooked delicious meals that have once captured the heart of the reporters.

The special homemade recipe is the Pork Knuckle with Vinegar猪脚醋. The pork knuckle is stewed inside the vinegar that it absorbs the taste and aroma completely. Another main ingredient is to add the ginger to give a little spiciness to the soup. I'm normally hate vinegar into meat yet I can accept the level of sourness here. The pork has been boiled that the meat is to the softness that it just melts in the mouth, releasing the aroma and richly taste of the vinegar. According to the old folks, the dish is especially good for ladies after birth delivery. The next dish is the Curry Chicken咖哩鸡 that is cooked with potatoes. We've enjoyed the thick curry so much that we scoop it like soup. It just reminds me about my childhood days that I love to keep Mama's curry chicken overnight that it just getting thicker and tastier.

One new dish that I've learnt is the Fried Glass Noodle with Mixed Vegetable. The Mandarin name is 大姨妈嫁女 that means 'the eldest aunt from the mother side is marrying the daughter'. The reason is because this dish will only be available during marriage in old days. What if the son is marrying? Wondering...

On the request from us, Chuah's parents have as well fried a plate of noodle for us. The canned braised pork is added to give taste to the yellow noodle, yet the saltiness is insufficient and I'm as well dislike the noodle as it's slightly hard.

We've paid RM18 per person and we're totally satisfied with the lunch. The dishes seem to be simple yet the deliciousness just reminds me about the home cooked meal that I've had from my Mama. This is a healthy activity for the parents to spend their pastime and additionally to earn them some incomes.

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