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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Beer with BBQ at BeerBQ

'Pairing a Beer with your meal' is the tips for customers that are visiting BeerBQ Bistro that is located at Precinct 10 Tanjung Bungah. The selling point is the matching of beer with food whereby each of the meal inside the menu is recommended with a beer that is brewed either in Malaysia, Japan or even Germany. I'm having a dinner gathering with friends for their recommendation to the BBQ pork ribs here. The design and decoration of the restaurant is a little towards elegance with black as the main spot yet the ambient is very comfortable to let us chat leisurely.

I've chosen to take the chef's recommendation of BeerBQ Pork Ribs. The pork ribs are marinated and glazed with their signature BeerBQ sauce before being cooked on the strong heat or so-called chargrilled. I like the pork ribs for the soft and juicy meat except that it tastes a little dry. Anyway, on a good service from the waiter, do ask for extra sauce. The portion is a bit too less for me thatI guess it's only half rack of pork ribs. Oh ya, the recommended pairing is Franziskaner Weissbier Dunkel! Thus, I've decided to take their current promotion of 1pint free 1/2pint that cost me RM30++.

A must for recommendation is the Beef Meat Balls that are served together with their special garlic sauce and mashed potatoes. The minced beef is a suitable ingredient to make meat ball for its tenderness and juiciness. Anyway, the biggest surprise for us is the deliciousness of the garlic sauce. The chef has been using a lot of chopped garlic to cook the homemade sauce that it's not only tasty but smells good.

Ending our meal is the Stout Chocolate Cake. It's an alcohol based chocolate cake that is poured with the warm mixture of Stout beer and chocolate sauce. I'm amazed by the special sauce yet it's disappointing that the chocolate cake is too dry and the sauce is too less to complete the taste of this dessert.

BeerBQ is a suitable place to gather with friends for a meal to be paired with a good beer and for a good service. I'm not really satisfied with the food here yet I'm impressed by their special sauces.

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