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Saturday, 4 August 2012

It's just My Favourite Cuttle Fish

Sometimes late from work after 8pm, Attila and I will drop by Ichyo that is located at I-avenue for our dinner. It's the nearest Japanese restaurant that is on the way to our home and it's as well our favourite place for grilled cuttle fish. Frankly, I dislike the wooden smell from the furniture here yet we've been the regular customers for at least a year.

Start with the ordering, it's a must for our favourite Yari Ika Batayaki. The cuttle fish is quite big and it's grilled to a slight burnt that is then being garnished with the sauce that is cooked with butter and black pepper. We're not only attracted by the tenderness and juiciness of the cuttle fish but also its freshness that has been enhanced by the saltiness of the sauce.

Followed by is the Mix Teppan Seafood that consists of prawn, squid and fish meat. I'm not really impressed by this seafood platter as it doesn't taste very fresh. We've as well shared the Horenso Shimeji Iame that is a mixture of fried mushroom with vegetable and the Wakayama Ramen whereby it's a soupy noodle that is served with the pork meat roll and being garnished by seaweed and vegetable. I can't resist my temptation towards the freshness of the mushroom and the Ramen for the deliciousness of the soup.

Oh ya, other recommendations from myself will be the Gyoza or pork meat dumplings and the Teppan Scallops. Both of these dishes taste just as delicious as the others. It has always been a hard decision for us during food ordering. By the way, Takehana at Juru Autocity and Hanayoshi at Krystal Point are as well belonged to the same group as Ichyo.

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