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Friday, 17 August 2012

Yakitori cum Vino Vino Bistro

Thanks to Chef Tommes's recommendation that there's a nice Japanese restaurant at Lorong Bayan Indah that is located at row of shop houses behind Berlin's Bier Houz. It's really a surprise and as well a shame to Attila and I that we've not known about this restaurant, 'We're Near yet We're so Far'. It's not too difficult and we've discovered this Yakitori signboard in front of the Vino Vino Bistro. I'm attracted by the 'lazy' style armchairs in front of the restaurant, do they remind you about the famous actors or actresses? In fact, these uncomfortable chairs are more suitable if you want to have only drinks here. It does take some time for the waiter to bring the menu and to get ready a table inside the restaurant for us.

An interesting sight for us is the automatic wine vending machine. The wines are placed behind the glass window and there's an indicator at the metal panel on top of each bottle. These 3 indicators are representing the different volume of wine per glass. Look at how has the wine is being poured, it's automatic and just wait! They're promoting 2 Free 1 that means buy 2 glasses of wine and free on the 3rd glass. But, only the same wine is valid.

Our dinner is started with Sushimori that is a platter of assorted Sushi. I'm not an expert in differentiating the fish but I know at least the Salmon, Tuna, Octopus and Fish roe. We're satisfied with the freshness of the Sushi. We've then shared a BBQ Chicken & Saba Shioyaki set meal that is served with rice and a bowl seaweed Miso soup. I've not too much compliments as this is kind of a norm standard across Japanese restaurants. We've as well tried their grilled Japanese squid or Surume Ika Yaki. This is sort of the traditional grilling with no added seasoning except being served with the fresh lime and mayonnaise. The squid tastes quite good yet it's not the best that I've ever had because the freshness of the squid here is insufficient for it to be grilled plainly.

The main selling point here should be the Tapas. They're offering various types of BBQ menu and skewers that range from chicken, beef, lamb, seafood to wild mushroom. Each of the orders regardless of meat or vegetable, are grilled on the bamboo or wooden sticks and being seasoned with their homemade specialty sauces. We've tried out the Sasami Cheese that is chicken fillet with cheese, Eringi Maki of wrapped beef with Eringi mushroom, Hotate Teriyaki whereby the scallop is marinated with Teriyaki sauce, Eringi Mushroom and the Lamb that is not found with Japanese translation. We've indeed enjoyed every dishes especially the juiciness of the chicken and the tenderness of the beef. The most amazing is the beef that has absorbed the nice aroma of the black pepper sauce and its juiciness that matches well with the chewiness of the Eringi Mushroom. We've then repeated at least 4plates of the Eringi Maki. I'm disappointed as my favourite scallop is not delicious as it's fresh and I dislike the sweet soy sauce. They just don't fit each other.

The Tapas concept has urged us for repeated orders to fill up our hunger. 4pax of us have spent more than RM400 for this 1st visit. The meal is worth for value as we've enjoyed the whole nice with wine and delicious Japanese food.

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