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Friday, 17 August 2012

Roti Bakar at Kopitiam

On the way to visit Foo's apartment, we've decided to take our lunch at Kafe Roti Bakar Kopitiam炭烤面包 that is located at University Place. This area is just opposite the 3rd gate of University Science of Malaysia (USM) and the restaurants are mainly to cater for the students. Generally, the price is quite reasonable that the portion is bigger than any restaurants outside.

They've a wide selection of food inside the menu and I've finally made up my mind for the Kopitiam Laksa咖啡店叻沙. The spiciness of the Laksa soup does match my appetite except that it smells very fishy. I dare not to order the Laksa again because the smell is quite unease. Additionally, we've decided to share the Curry Chicken Homemade Miku咖哩雞面龜 and the Chicken Lor Bak雞鹵肉. Miku is a type of Chinese bun that is made from flour and yeast that is then being steamed to cook. The skin is normally being colored into red to be used for praying during traditional occasions. Here, the Miku is then fried with egg that it has a slight crispiness and a nice aroma. Dipping the soft Miku into the thick curry chicken, we've enjoyed and given a 'Like' to this meal. The Lor Bak is quite tasteless and the meat is as well too compact. By the way, pairing Lor Bak with chili sauce is just not suitable.

The toast or the Roti Bakar here is using the thick white Indian-style bread that is porous. Some may dislike it as it's quite soft. Anyway, I'll give it a try next time. I like here as they're serving whatever that is written inside the menu. Not as certain famous franchise of similar concept, a lot of dishes are unavailable each day.

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